Board Recruitment

With pressure on boards relentless and growing — from shareholders, regulators, and the media — expectations are high. Proven top leadership is a powerful strategic asset, and there is no room for error in the selection of directors.

We work closely with Boards to understand strategy, culture, composition and the skills needed and then partner with our colleagues with deep industry expertise – including diversity, cyber, technology, finance – to identify the right candidate.

Board Succession Planning

Few events carry greater risk to shareholder value than a change of leadership. Boards that excel at board succession are prepared to meet future challenges without disruption. Korn Ferry’s approach includes:

  • Analysis of required board competencies
  • Development of director profiles to ensure gaps are filled and competencies are retained
  • Establish an appropriate timeline for board refreshment

Board Effectiveness

Boards that are recognized as being highly effective in their structure and makeup, oversight process, and culture and value have become the standard to which every board aspires. Korn Ferry’s Board Effectiveness Consulting practice uses a forward-looking process that is focused on the assessment and potential improvement of the board to meet that standard. Korn Ferry focuses on the following elements to accelerate the effectiveness of boards:

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Composition and Structure
  • Team Dynamics
  • Director Effectiveness

Board Compensation Benchmarking

Boards have an increasingly important role to play in businesses around the world. But establishing the right compensation for non-executive directors can be complex. We can help you develop a compensation strategy that is competitive and makes sound business sense.