Succession planning

Succession planning that is fair and transparent. All planning is conducted against the backdrop of clear strategic direction. Leadership frameworks are created on a bespoke basis for all clients; we place a heavy focus on ensuring that clients clarify and understand their purpose and values which underpin the legacy of their firms.

Coaching and development

We support our succession planning with state of the art coaching techniques for both existing family members, executives, next-generation members and retiring executives. We understand family psychology and dynamics.

Education programs for Responsible Ownership

We understand that transition often involves the need to educate owners about their roles and ways in which their relationships to and within the business must be articulated clearly. We have unique expertise in communications and conflict management, offering formal training and mediation in order to effect positive change, where emotions get in the way. As part of this experience we have managed the delicate process of in developing hundreds of unique family constitutions and protocols (where the process is equally important as the output) to ensure that all stakeholders within family businesses understand their roles and responsibilities clearly.


Governance for the family and the business. We specialize in ensuring that appropriate structures, processes and behaviors are embedded into our clients in a way that they can manage their interests in a self-sustaining manner long term.

Board development

We have a unique database of fully assessed non-executive directors, CEO’s and Chair people who are able to support families through transition and have proven capabilities in executing roles as a non-family member. We support their on-boarding and work with family owners to ensure their successful transition.

Family Office structures and staffing

We have a long-standing reputation for helping family firms to establish investment vehicles and in ensuring that appropriate executives can run these offices for the good of all stakeholders.

Remuneration and Incentives

With the expertise from Hay Group, we are fully engaged in ensuring that family and non-family executives are paid fairly and that share options or long-term incentive plans secure capabilities and commitment for the long-term.