Leveraging customer insights.

We know what it takes for financial services companies to use data- and analytics-driven intelligence to create sustainable growth and enable value creation strategy. Institutions that want to flourish will need to tap robust customer insights to create the ideal user experience. With the emergence of Big Data, cloud computing, digital marketing, mobile apps, and social networking, Korn Ferry can help financial services companies find talent that will enable them to initiate game changing and market leading opportunities. Specifically, talent needs to be skilled at predicting the future, thinking outside the box, and positioning the company two or three steps ahead of the competition.

Minimizing cyber threats through effective talent.

Korn Ferry is strategically positioned to meet the cybersecurity talent needs of financial services organizations. When addressing cyber risk management, Korn Ferry finds that traditional skillsets are being outpaced by the need for talent that can work at the strategic level, communicate well, and has a mastery of technology, security intelligence, business/customer regulations, and regulatory mandates and guidance.

Developing a winning digital marketing strategy.

The marketing role is evolving, with technology and data at the root of this shift. Digital marketers must be collaborative partners who work with product, technology and customer service to enhance client solutions, communications and services via digital channels. Financial services companies need marketing executives that can successfully drive digital transformation strategies by leveraging progressive digital strategies and tools in an ultra-competitive environment.

The mobile mandate.

Korn Ferry can help financial services companies develop a winning mobile strategy by finding talent that will help them dramatically evolve personal finance using a mobile platform. Agile enterprises need agile talent that enables them to make effective moves: pivoting at the right moment, finding resourcefulness to grow in difficult markets, seizing opportunities when others are uncertain. New talent needs to not only be able to contribute effectively in today’s mobile environment, but also look 3-5 years into the future and predict where financial services technology is going.

Global presence with local expertise.

Korn Ferry is strategically positioned to meet the global digital talent needs of financial services companies. Since Korn Ferry’s consultants are in local markets across the globe we can provide insights into how financial services companies can model themselves after the most progressive digital innovators from a geographical, organizational and strategic perspective. We use proven talent frameworks and assessments that are underpinned by talent intelligence, which combined with your company’s unique talent landscape and culture, can identify the right digital financial services talent that will perform well, be a great cultural fit, and contribute to long-term success.

Coverage & Functions:

  • Analytics
  • Cloud Services
  • Customer insights
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital marketing
  • Digital strategy
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile
  • IT risk & Security
  • Leadership Assessment and Development
  • Strategic insights & Research
  • Succession Planning