Korn Ferry 360

Delivering feedback that helps people increase their effectiveness in the workplace.

World-class IP, a state of the art survey process
and feedback reports designed to deliver outstanding insights. 


Do your employees understand the impact they have on the people they work with every day? Are they making the most of the insights others have into their performance? Maybe it’s time they do.


By offering a wide range of perspectives, 360 feedback gives employees more understanding of not only their strengths, weaknesses and development opportunities, but also their impact on direct reports, line managers and peers.


Research shows that talented people stay longer with organizations that provide feedback and opportunities to grow and develop. By utilizing our time-tested, research-based development solutions, you can provide employees with important development remedies, opportunities and coaching to drive engagement, retention, growth and increased productivity.


What does Korn Ferry 360 measure and how? 

Korn Ferry 360 is underpinned by Korn Ferry Leadership ArchitectTM (KFLA) – the world’s most robust, comprehensive competency model – allowing the content to be configured with competencies that are specific to your organization.

Our competency based approach measures the skill level directly, along with the importance of each competency and whether it is being overused. Career Stallers and Stoppers are also measured for their 'harmfulness'. 

Our behavior-based approach measures the underlying beaviors that roll up to a competency. The behaviors are specific to the individual's level in the organization so regardless of whether you are assessing a customer service representative or a senior executive, we are measuring for the right level of complexity.



World-class IP

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World-class user experience

Korn Ferry 360 has been designed with the user experience in mind, whether that be administrator, candidate or feedback provider. 


Our full or self-service administration options make for smooth and efficient administration, and the ability to customize branding and logos allow an employer’s brand to be reflected throughout.

The tool is easy to navigate, and mobile-optimized, making it easier than ever to provide feedback on the move. 

World-class report outputs

Intuitive reports provide deep insights, and allow facilitators to deliver constructive and meaningful 360 feedback at all levels of your organization. 


The individual feedback report helps users to understand the core messages in their feedback and what steps they can take to develop and become more effective. Preliminary development guidance is displayed for each competency, eith further information avaialble in the supporting FYI® for your improvement guide. 


The group report highlights the strengths and weaknesses of a group of participants, showing the variability in scores across the group. The report helps identify which competencies have the greatest need for development for most participants and hence provided insight into how the organization might support the development agenda.

World-class training

To allow candidates to make the most out of the 360 process, feedback should be delivered by an experienced and certified coach.

We are pleased to offer public Korn Ferry 360 certification courses, which are facilitated by expert practitioners and recognized by the Human Resource Certification Institute™, the Society for Human Resource Management, and the International Coach Federation. Alternatively, those qualified in any of the Korn Ferry legacy 360 products, such as Voices, Choices or MultiView, may be able to receive fast-tracked access to the assessment.

Please contact our certification team to learn more. [Is this the case? Or does it apply just for Voices? What are the contact details?]


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Stephen Lams, Global Product Manager - KF360

Why choose Korn Ferry Hay Group?

Powered by Korn Ferry Leadership Architect, the world;'s most comprehensive compentcy model.

We have industry-best science behind our data. 

We have people on the ground with local knowledge to support you wherever you are.

We don't serve our data raw. Instead we put it all into context for you and present it in a clear and compelling way.