Standard Programs

Korn Ferry Hay Group offers more than 200 standard leadership development programs. The following are just a small sample of what we can offer you:

Chief Executive Institute and Executive-to-Leader Institute. These 12–18-month programs focus on personal mastery, interpersonal mastery, and organizational mastery. They are intensive programs meant to boost candidates’ readiness to take on enterprise-level roles as leaders.

Active Leader. This immersive leadership development program is targeted at executives, managers, and individual contributors at your company who show high potential. The program focuses on decision making, influence, strategic thinking, action-reflection learning, and leading change.

High-Potential Accelerator. This leadership development program is six months long, for leaders with a high level of potential. The three modules involved are interconnected by coaching, on-the-job learning, and peer mentoring.

Leadership Accelerator. These leadership development programs cover several job levels, with each program tailored to develop the necessary key competencies, leadership capabilities, diversity, and inclusion training.

Specialty Programs

Korn Ferry Hay Group’s specialty programs are developed to take care of common issues at our clients’ organizations. Below, we have listed just a few of the specialty programs we offer:

Communications. We offer five different programs that can benefit your company’s leadership, cover such topics as facilitating group work, how individuals can have a positive impact on the company and the people around them, how to craft raw data into a story, and how to design an effective presentation.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Efficacy. This program teaches the business rationale behind inclusion, the ways diversity can lead to a deeper talent pool at your organization, and the ways that it brings career efficacy at all levels.

Coaching to Build Talent. In this program, we teach your leaders how to work with their subordinates by offering effective feedback, and how to coach their workers to improve their performance in the long term.

Custom Programs

At Korn Ferry Hay Group, we recognize that different organizations come with different needs. Whatever your needs are, we can build a creative, effective, and scalable leadership development solution tailored to you. Some of the themes we can use to build a program for your organization include:

Strategy, Immersion, and Alignment. These programs put your company’s best minds to work on current business problems and opportunities to produce positive results. We focus on tangible outcomes, culture change, and executive alignment.

Action Learning Programs and Incubators. We present real-life challenges to high-potential leaders at your organization, giving them opportunities to innovate and develop leadership skills. In the process, we prepare these future leaders to take on bigger roles at your company.

Skills Cascade and Alignment Programs. We offer crucial skill-building for first-level leaders and middle-level managers tailored for individuals who have little or no prior leadership development training.