Sales Conversation Metric

Buyer expectations on sellers have skyrocketed in the last decade—and so has the pressure on sellers. Evaluate your organization’s ability to exceed those expectations by providing content, insights and education that result in deeper customer relationships and higher win rates.


Delivering perspective is the art of truly understanding a buyer’s business challenges, bringing a deep knowledge of the customer’s business to provide education and insights. Adopting this concept offers sellers the biggest opportunity to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace. CSO Insights found in 2019 that when organizations drive perspective into their approach, they’re 4X more likely to have deep relationships with clients and achieve 12% higher win rates.


We created this diagnostic to help you understand how well your sellers deliver perspective and how your organization can use coaching, content and training to get a competitive edge—and ultimately exceed your customer’s expectations every time.


You’ll get a report that benchmarks your performance against the 1,000 global sales organizations that participated in the 2019 World-Class Sales Practices Study and gives you practical steps for your sellers to hold better conversations and create a better overall customer experience.