Our Sales Force Effectiveness Solution

Unsurprisingly, many sales leaders have responded to these challenges by attempting to transform the way their organizations go to market and engage customers. Sales transformation, however, is easier said than done, and the failure rates are exceedingly high. In our experience, a successful transformation can only be achieved if sales leaders ensure all the following elements are in place:

  • Their go-to-market strategy and coverage model aligns to the company’s growth strategy.
  • They have the right sellers, managers, and leaders in the right roles, and all of them have the tools, skills and mindset they need to be effective.
  • Both the organizational climate and the pay and rewards system incentivize and motivate the right behaviors.

How we deliver sustained, profitable growth

The high failure rate of sales transformations means it is essential that sales leaders get advice and support from a partner who knows exactly what works – and what doesn’t – and who can help them think several steps ahead at all times.

At Korn Ferry, we are experienced at guiding organizations through large-scale sales transformations, and at enabling them to deliver sustained, profitable growth through effective sales execution.

Effective sales execution is almost entirely dependent on people. Korn Ferry is the only sales force effectiveness consultancy that is 100% people-focused so we are uniquely positioned to provide our clients with the support they need.

Some of the specific areas we focus on when helping our clients accelerate sales performance include:

  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Sales Organizational Structure
  • Sales Force Roles & Talent
  • Sales Force Compensation & Incentives
  • Sales Performance & Enablement

Why choose Korn Ferry?

When it comes to sales force effectiveness, we offer our clients the expert support they need to deliver more predictable, sustainable and profitable growth along with increased levels of sales productivity, seller engagement and customer loyalty.

  • If a company is looking to shift from selling products to selling solutions, they can expect to see bigger deals being sold at higher margins.
  • If a company is looking to shift to an enterprise selling approach, they can expect to see higher cross-sell rates and increased share of wallet with customers.
  • If a company is looking to shift to a more insight-led approach, they can expect to see more profitable wins as a smaller proportion of deals are sold through RFP.